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We're game designers..

... games are our destiny.

In other words,

We're the makers of our destiny.


Destiny Makers LLP is a game design company based in Singapore. We believe in designing games as a form of expression. 

We provide professional game design services.


We have 2 self-published table-top games: Paths of Destiny and Quest for Destiny based on the same fantasy game-world of Zegon, showcased in our blog.


'Your Name: The Card Game' is our latest product, customizing games as gifts for special occasions.


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We are preparing a new professional website to better showcase Destiny Makers to you. We are rushing the new site with our designers and we hope to present it to you before Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2014 in September! Watch this space for more updates! 







About Us
  • Education Games (In progress, 2014)

  • "Free Print to Play" (In progress, 2014)

  • 'Title': The Card Game (2014)

  • Quest for Destiny (2013)

  • 'Insurance' Game (In progress, 2013)

  • Paths of Destiny (2012)




Email for:

1. Game design enquiries


2. Collaboration enquiries

3. Enquiries regarding retailing our games

4. Art protfolio and resume submission


5. Game Prototypes submission


6. Ordering 'Your Name: The Card Game' 

Contact Us!
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